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Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

Guys love to date escorts. Except for the money part. Yes, us call girls do charge a fairly high fee for your relatively short time spent with us. Why? Because we can!

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Being with a hooker is great for most men because they get to avoid the hassles and drama often associated with “normal” dating relationships. But every guy eventually gives in a works to start a real, long-term relationship with a woman. If you’re doing so to save money, though, it’s not that easy. Even dating women who aren’t working girls can get costly. Here are a few tips to go out on dates without breaking the bank.

As fun as it can be to go to a fancy restaurant on a date, for a lot of people this isn’t something that they can afford to do on a regular basis. If you want some less expensive, but equally romantic alternatives, try the following.

The first option is to create your own ‘restaurant‘ at home — wining and dining your date in the comfort of your own house can be just as enjoyable, but won’t cost half as much. And women love that kind of thoughtfulness. You don’t need to be an expert at cooking in order to create a romantic atmosphere. The attention, thought and effort you put into making the meal will be what your companion appreciates. A few candles, music and your date’s favorite dish will make for a fantastic evening.

Another option favored by many guys is spending time in nature. Even if you live in an urban area, there will most likely be some pretty parks nearby and, if there isn’t, you can always hop on a bus or train and take your date to the countryside or beach. A simple stroll in beautiful surroundings is a great way to spend time together, and makes for a very enjoyable (and cheap!) date.

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If you’re feeling adventurous and have a day to spare, why not create your very own ‘mystery tour‘ for you and your date? All you have to do is get on a train or a bus with your date, and agree to hop off at a place neither of you have been before, or after five stops. I myself love this kind of spontaneous outing. Just because I’m a call girl doesn’t mean I’m not also a normal woman! If you prefer to cycle, you could simply pick a random spot on a map and head off to that area. You’ll get the chance to explore somewhere new and spend time with someone you like, without spending a small fortune. Spontaneity is an important element in any relationship, and this idea could make for a very fun date.

A lot of the time, people bond over their shared love of a particular music genre or band. However, going to concerts can be very expensive, and it isn’t necessarily a good idea for a date, as you won’t be able to hear each other speak. Instead, spend some time at home, sharing your favorite music with one another. Again, this is a great way to have a relaxing date without spending too much money, and is likely to bring you closer together if you enjoy the same kind of music.

Tricks Women Employ To Win Back An Ex Boyfriend

Women may be referred to as “the fairer sex,” but I’m here to tell you that isn’t the case. You guys should consider this information helpful in your dealings with women — you really should understand just how devious and ruthless us gals can be!

The principle of reverse psychology is one of our favorite tricks. There are a few principles at play that a woman will be working on when using reverse psychology.

  • Guys want what they can’t have
  • Guys like a chase
  • Guys are attracted to confident women
  • Guys find a woman more desirable when they see other men vying for that woman’s attention
  • Guys want what they can’t have
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So what first step of reverse psychology does a woman need to take to win your ex back? If she’s still in the breakup phase, instead of pleading or begging with her ex to not take this step, which is what would be expected, she will agree amicably to the breakup and let him go. By letting her ex boyfriend go so easily, they’ll begin to wonder why. Instead of feeling like they have options, they’ll wonder if perhaps it’s them that is at fault. This will be the woman’s entry point into their mind, which is essential if she wants to know how to get her ex back.

Now it’s time to go into phase two of the process of getting her ex back and making him want her. Regardless of who broke up with who, the guy will expect for the woman to be in some state of depression or regret over the end of the relationship. He’ll expect her to be sitting at home with her tub of ice cream, pining over him, and refusing to socialize with her friends.

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Instead, even though she is upset about the breakup, the point of reverse psychology is to carry on with daily life and act as if the breakup doesn’t even bother her. She should hang out with her friends, especially male friends to get him jealous. Go to the gym, movies and so forth. She just wants to make sure that she is seen socializing. Taking these steps will not only help her with her own mind frame about the breakup, but will get into his mind, showing him that no one is truly indispensable. This will move her up the ladder to getting her ex boyfriend back.

With reverse psychology she is guaranteed to get her ex back as long as she takes the proper precautions and is smart with how to play out her moves. It’s important that she shows that she can live without her ex, but that she doesn’t overdo it as this can then make the guy move on.

Additionally, here are a few very common mistakes that some women in this situation have made in attempting to get their ex back:

  • Calling, texting and emailing him constantly
  • Making promises of changing yourself
  • Begging for another chance

You can see that these mistakes all put a woman in a position of weakness. It makes it seem as if the guy is indispensable and that she can’t live without him. This is definitely not the message the woman wants to send to her ex, or to any guy. And us woman are slowly catching on to these errors and not repeating them. Instead, we’ve wised-up and now play some pretty serious head games!

So guys, you have been warned!

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