Long Distance Dating

Albeit the disadvantages of long distance dating — temptations, higher cheating probabilities, gigantic phone bills, no sex — there are still couples who manage to thrive in it especially career-oriented people.

The distance allows them to grow and the relationship to mature as well. In the end, it is for the best because they both achieve their personal goals while staying true to each other.

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There are those who dislike the whole experience of being apart yet in the end credited the distance for their current happiness. They chose to rise up to the challenge — to battle the distance. It turned out to be a good one because it proved how determined they were to make the relationship work. Anyway, who ever said that loving is easy? It takes work and even more hard work when you are apart.

So how do you sustain a long distance affair? For one, without your girlfriend, you have more time on your hands. Instead of sulking, you can spend your free time learning a new activity or sports and thus be distracted from his/her absence. The lack of physical intimacy may be hard to bear but there are other means that can also satisfy the longing like leaving naughty voice messages.

Because of the distance, you can both stay focused. Constant discussion of future goals and short term plans such as the next visit reminds you of the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, you can live your own life. You realize that the time apart is also the right time to know oneself and therefore give more of oneself and be less dependent on her.

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Relationships can change over a period of time. Most of the times, it just because of the people involved in the relationship have gotten used to one another and things start falling into a daily routine which can lead to problem if the routine continues over an extended period of time. That doesn’t happen in long distance arrangements. Once your relationship returns to a more normal one, with daily interaction, there is the possibility problems occurring because a routine has set in.

Here are some tips to consider keeping the spark in your relationship going.

Joint Activities: Participate in an activity that you both enjoy taking part it in. It could be theater, dancing, concerts, etc. Start taking time to do more of these things together. In the beginning, it may be difficult fit into your schedule because of being busy with work along with having other things to do as well. Anyway, spending the time together with the other person doing something you both enjoy will pay big dividends and will help improve the relationship.

Spontaneity: Women usually complain that their partner rarely does anything romantic. Here are some things to do to prevent the woman in your life from saying that to you. Nothing says I love and care about you more than a gesture without having any reason for doing it.

Keeping a relationship healthy requires work — see this APA article for more on this important topic. The first thing would be having some beautiful flowers delivered to her job with a card attached saying that you were thinking about her. Another method to be spontaneous would be to call her in the middle of the day just to say that you love her and see how her day is going. It may take only a couple minutes to do, but you will put a smile on her face for the rest of the day.

You may also plan romantic trips every so often to places where you know she would like to go. Doing these things may seem insignificant but they will attract her attention simply because it shows that you are not taking her for granted. While women and men are different in numerous ways, they both like to be shown that they are appreciated and doings these things will show her exactly that.

Keep in mind that if part of your interest in a long-distance relationship is because you have a fascination with women overseas, such as Japanese, Chinese or Thai ladies, then perhaps all you really need to do is skip the relationship and head to Las Vegas where you can find Asian escorts right in Sin City.

Just like anything else worth having, relationships take constant commitment, sacrifice, and dedication. However, if you are careless, your relationship will become routine if you don’t continuously take the time to work on it.

Spending more time together doing things that you both enjoy along with spontaneous acts is just a couple of ways to ensure that the spark meter in your relationship is always near the top.